Pony Tail!

This post is dedicated to Tanielle. :)
599 months old and (too many?) lbs. With hair getting even longer...now we can do this!
(For all of you non-relatives who may be confused, don't worry about it. All you need to know is that I'm never putting my Dad's hair in a pony tail again. )


Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

I think your dad wanted to do the pageant just so he could be one of a few {a very few} church employees with long, hippie {I mean authentic 1830s style hair}!

Loved the ponytail on him. Does that mean he is Elle's favorite uncle?

Can you hear me yelling, "Mark!!! Hurry! It's time to grow out your hair!"

Gearhart Family said...

I don't think your dad had EVERY had his hair that long. Is he dealing with it, or is it driving him crazy?

Katherine Welch said...

He came pretty close in his 70's high school yearbook, but it's driving him crazy now,(even though I think he likes the attention.)

Vedel said...

Love the hair! If I wasn't working in the temple I'd be probably grow my hair long also...Jan's thankful for my temple assignment.

Chris and Tanielle said...

HA, ha, heee! I laughed so hard that you 'copied' my post! I feel so special! Yes, Ron gets points for this!