Mr. Ken

I remember that while I was growing up, I never had a particular fondness for barbies.

I had only two.
At least, I only remember having two.

One was barbie in a pink dress on a little remote controlled spinning track.  I just wanted her for the little track thing.  The other was Ken, actually scuba Ken, who came with a dolphin that actually squealed and was water proof.  (Well...what dolphin isn't?)  I only wanted Ken for the dolphin. 

And it's a good thing that I didn't actually want the barbies, because they came to a sad end.

When my Dad was the Bishop of our ward (and when I was still in primary), he decided to give a very powerful object lesson to the youth about inner beauty versus outer beauty.  In order to do so, he used my barbies.  His point was that barbies are probably one of the most attractive things (made out of plastic) that you'll ever see.  "But," he said as he dramatically pulled off their heads, "they have no brain, and no heart."  They're all about the outer beauty.  Great object lesson, huh?

Well, that was the end of the barbies and I was still happy because I got to keep the remote controlled track thing and the dolphin.  But, little did I know what an impact that lesson would have on my life.

So, this past Saturday, I went shooting with some friends.  And after shooting all of our skeets, we decided to set up some objects for stationary target practice.  Among these objects was Mr. Ken.  "And what did you shoot him with?" you may ask. 
An AK-47!! Poor Ken.  He didn't have a chance. 

And now he doesn't even have his outer beauty.

P.S. For a more in-depth post about this shooting experience, please click here.


Little Fish Girl said...

Love, love, LOVE!

Tegan said...

Yay! You made a link to my blog! Ken didn't have a leg to stand on. ;) zestonon