Weaknesses are Blessings

Tonight I went to a a Stake Relief Society Activity entitled "Love Yourself." It was wonderful, and a night when that spiritual cup was filled.

The speaker was Dr. Wendy Ulrich, who has quite the resume, but more importantly, has quite the testimony.  She spoke on the difference between sin and weakness.  The key to understanding both is that Satan is the author of sins and God is the author of weaknesses.  Our weaknesses are literally given to us from God; they are gifts from him.  I'd never thought of a weakness as a gift before, especially my own.  It's interesting that I've heard the scripture, "I give unto men weakness that they may be humble...and have faith in me, then will I make things become strong unto them," multiple times, but I had always focused on making weak things become strong.  I realized tonight that we have to have weaknesses to experience what it is to be human.  Our weaknesses may become strengths in time, but they may also always be with us and if we strive to improve, we will be blessed later and in greater ways.  Sister Ulrich offered another interesting perspective.  She said that sometimes God will use our weaknesses to bless the lives of others.  What a humbling and overwhelming experience that is when God uses our shortcomings to bless others!

The most important thing I learned tonight is that weaknesses are given to us because God loves us.  A weakness is a gift, in it's own way, and although it's important to strive to improve, it's just as important to always remember that God loves us.


frizzles16 said...

I'm glad it was good! I'm so sad I had to work. :(

Tasha said...

so true and expressed so beautifully! I'm glad I found your blog Katherine!

Tegan said...

Truly a remarkable meeting. ophtdi