Wiser Words Were Never Spoken (maybe)

Working at the bindery is a great job.  I get to work with people, I have an awesome supervisor, and sometimes I get to make some pretty interesting books.  Samoan "Preach my Gospel", Korean Nursery Manuals, and the little Missionary Planners are a few I've made.  Recently, though, I made a book which I thought would be appropriate to tell you about on Valentine's Day.

It's called "Keep Kissing."

Well, with a title like that, I couldn't resist looking through it (who could?).  While skimming through, I came across these wise words of wisdom:

"Love lasts longer for the less lippy."

Catchy, huh? Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :]

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kellikay said...

hmmm, i like, but it seems to me that phrase has the opposite meaning of the title... i want to see the whole packet, ha