I Wrote This When I Was Thirteen

And I still have the same feelings.

How I hate you, little zit.
If I had an enemy, you would be it.
Little red dot, scarring my face, 
You'll bring bumps all over the place.

I've tried creams, potions, and many a brew,
Just so that I could get rid of you.
Soon I will have to start taking a pill,
Even if it will make me feel ill.

I wouldn't be scared, or worry, or fret,
As long as I could get rid of you yet.
So if I were you, I'd die away soon,
Instead of inflaming like a hot air balloon.

Although you want to be seen, I do not,
And it's all because of you, little red spot.
I used to look nice with a pretty complexion,
But now you have driven away my perfection.

Why am I worried so much about you,
And how I look, not what I can do?
I should be worried about other things,
Not a little, red zit and what it brings.

So I'll pick up my chin and hold myself high
Despite the large zit above my left eye.
I'll remember who I am, and what I can do,
And forget the red zits that make me so blue.


frizzles16 said...

Ah ha ha ha!!! I love this!!

Little Fish Girl said...

I love it too! :)