Vegas Baby!

I think it's funny that good, Mormon people like to go to Vegas so much.  I don't really understand it.  Maybe it's so that they can live on the edge a little.  Maybe it's curiosity.  Maybe it's just because it's the closest big city.  I don't know.

But for me, I like to go to Vegas because it's HOME.

This past weekend, three of my roommates from freshman year and I decided to go down on a last minute road trip.  It was much needed, and SO much fun.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:
The Four of Us
In the morning we went to Target and Ethel M Chocolate Factory: two great tourist attractions.
The real party started.
The Bellagio
Ali and I did not coordinate our poses, just a regular reaction.  :]
Dinner and a show at Excalibur.  
I ate this with my BARE (clean) hands.
A knight from the show who was lucky enough to receive both a flirtatious wave and kisses blown to him from the lovely lady on the right (Tegan).  Notice her hands in the shape of a heart.  I think he was married.

After the show we rode the New York, New York roller coaster...twice.  The second time we sat in the very front and this was the result:
So. Much. Fun.
On the way back, we pulled up next to a friendly taxi driver.  His exact words were "You can take a picture of me if you want." Okay.  I think we will, and we did.

What a fabulous trip.


kellikay said...

I miss you AAALLLLLLLLL!!!! I love living in mini Vegas, all the big buildings and bright lights, I even got offered drugs for the first time in my life, haha.

Katherine said...

Kelli! The big downfall of the trip was not having you there! I think we all were thinking the whole time, "I wish Kelli was here," because we miss you and love you SO much.