The Home Ward

There are lots of reasons why I love going to church in my home ward, but two reasons trump them all.  Those reasons come in the form of Kyle and Kevin Headen.

These two little boys are 6 years old, twins, and ward favorites.  While I was still living at home, they sat in front of us during sacrament meeting and provided some great, and sometimes much desired, distractions.

Now, a few years later, they still were great entertainment.

Before church started, I was sitting by myself in my family's pew while the rest of them were practicing with the choir.  Kyle and Kevin walked in with their Mom and sat down in front of me.  Not bashful at all, Kyle, the more rambunctious of the two, said, "Can I sit with you?" Our rule is that they can't sit with us until after the sacrament, so he had to wait, but he made sure to show me all of his books, and pictures, and toys before the first five minutes of the meeting were over.

Then we sang the opening song, "Joy to the World", which was played fairly vigorously on the organ.  Kyle was the only one brave enough to say (actually yell) what everyone was thinking: "Mommy, that was really loud!" I just bit my lip so I didn't laugh out loud and watched the shoulders of family in front of the Headens shaking with laughter.

The next form of entertainment came when the primary children went up on the stand to sing a Christmas song.  Kyle made sure he was in the front, and Kevin stood right behind him.  Kevin is just as funny as Kyle, but a little calmer.  He tries to keep Kyle under control, which usually has the opposite affect, ending up in some pretty funny situations.  So when Kevin thought that Kyle was singing too loud, he poked him.  Kyle quickly turned around and punched Kevin in the stomach.  Kevin just looked at the poor lady conducting the music for help.  She looked at Kyle and shook her head, to which he replied, "Well, he started it!"  Right in the middle of the song.  Again, I tried not to laugh as I watched their mom shake her head and whisper, "They're not mine, they're not mine."

As the song finished and as the children were leaving the stand to sit with their families, President Hurr, a member of our stake presidency, held out his hand to shake hands with Kevin.  Kevin just slapped the palm of his hand as hard as he could, giving President Hurr the best high five he could muster.  

After the song, Kyle finally came to sit by me and we colored while I tried my best to get Kyle to whisper.  It seemed like the quieter I whispered, the louder he yelled.  So, I stopped responding out loud until he asked, "How old are you?"  I whispered, "Twenty," to which he responded "Wow, I don't think I'll ever be that old....Well, maybe someday..."  And then, because he couldn't whisper, he had to go sit back with his family. As his Mom was dragging him around the bench and in his last act of desperation, he yelled, "Guess what?! There's a baby in my mommy's belly!"  Luckily, I already knew this news and held in the laughter pretty well, but oh my,  it was hard.  

Those boys are just too funny.


Tegan said...

I wish I had those boys in MY home ward. I love watching the little kids. That's so awesome, definitely lol for real.

slaphappy1225 said...

oh my land that is TOO CUTE!!!! little kids are the best distraction during church:)