I Love...

...my job!

The people I work with are so fun, and I doubt I'll ever have a better boss than I do now.

Here are some examples:

The other day, I was sitting at the table where we hand bind books.  We were talking about dreams and I said that no matter what time I wake up, I can never remember my dreams.  Then, one of the guys held out his hand for me to shake and said, "Then let me reintroduce myself.  My name's Justin."  Oh boy.

Then two days ago, I had left for class when I got a text from Shelby, a girl who I work with. Our text conversation went like this:
Shelby: Hey girl did you eat a salad today
Me: Yes...Is kelly mad that I used his trash can?
Shelby:HahaHaha ya
Me: Dang it! I closed the lid and everything so it wouldn't smell bad.  Tell him I'm really really sorry.
Shelby: HahaHa it was really funny.  Kelly said you're a dirty rat and citrus only  HahaHa he's laughing about it.
Me: Rude! Dirty rat, whatever. Tell him I'm purposely going to put stinky foods in there now.  Actually, I can just talk to him tomorrow.  Bah.  Kelly (head shake)

So I got into work the next day and as soon as Kelly saw me he said, "You!" and pointed right at me.  All I could think of to say was, "I'm sorry!"  Then he just keeps his serious Kelly-face on and said, "You better be," and goes on to tell me how he went around the bindery asking everyone if they had thrown the salad away because, as he said, "Katherine knows better than this!"
(Side note: I did not use dressing, and I put the lid back on, and lettuce doesn't smell like anything! I have no idea how he found that salad.  He must have a super nose or something. 

Anyway, he goes into the break room, where little Tamuna from Georgia (in Europe) is sitting with five other people, and asks her, "Tamuna, do you know who did this?"   She said that she did but she wasn't going to tell him, so he threatened to fire her.  She still wouldn't tell him.  (Ha! She's more loyal to me!) Then he threatened to fire everyone else in the break room unless she told him, so she broke down.  Sounds like he's the dirty rat. And come to find out, he had carried his trash can around the whole bindery for half and hour, asking every person, "Did you do this?!" while pointing to the incriminating evidence.

So funny.  I'm not sure if work can get any better than this.


slaphappy1225 said...

HAHA! later, when i was in the break room kelly started ragging on me (still with trash can in hand) about how he started that "no food in my trash" rule because of how i'd eat cafe rio for breakfast and throw that away:) sorry i ruined it for everyone hahaha!!!! work IS fun:)

Katherine said...

Hahaha! It's totally fine! Now I'm tempted to just leave my stinky food in there because he made such a big deal out of it. :]