Purple Pencil

I think I have a lucky pencil.

My finals have been going fantastically and it all happened when I started using this:

Before I took my first final on Saturday, I realized that all three of my pencils had run out of lead.  So I replaced them with the wonder of wonders shown above, and another pencil who has yet to show it's potential.  Best choice ever.

Out of my seven classes, I (only) had six finals.  One was a take-home, and the rest were in the testing center.  Sounds overwhelming, right?  Well, today is Day Two of finals week and I have only one test left.  That means I've taken five finals.

And...the best part is, I've gotten A's on all of my finals!!!  (So far.)
(Disclaimer: I'm not bragging.  This is for posterity's sake so that I'm allowed to have high expectations for my children.  :])

Yep. I'm pretty sure I have a lucky pencil.  And it's purple ta-boot!

Actually, the real story is, I'm going on a mission and I'm being extremely blessed for it.  

I think I'll go on a mission after every semester.


Sylvia said...

Way to go Harold!! You began as a crayon and have progressed to a final taking pencil...so proud!!

And as for you Katherine!!! Wow!!! All A's?!?!! That is A-mazing! Way to be!

kellikay said...

Oh Katherine, you're the best!

frizzles16 said...

Creeper little photo shoot with your pencil there pal. Hahahahaha!!!

Katherine said...

Hey! I am allowed to do whatever creepy/funny/etc things I want during finals week. You're lucky I didn't dance around in the living room in my underwear.