Angel's Landing

This past weekend I took a trip with some friends down to Zion National Park.

Our main goal was to hike Angel's Landing, so we drove down Friday evening, camped Friday night, hiked it Saturday morning, and went home.  It was a quick trip, but wonderful to be out in nature.  

Here are some pics from the hike.
Front: Erin, Evan, Alex
Back: Scott, Ryan, Levi, Me, Tegs, Bryan
 A little chilly.  But it felt great.

 The flat-top mountain behind the tree is the landing.

 A view from the trail.

 A view from higher on the trail.

Going up. 

A view from the top.

It was a LONG way down.

Another beautiful view from the top.

After making it to the top, I considered never leaving, and just living with all of the chipmunks that were scampering around up there.  It was so peaceful and the view was spectacular.  Being in nature is so good for the soul.  

But we eventually did come down, and after we made it across the backbone of the mountain and only had switchbacks left, we sprinted down the mountain and what took us an hour to hike up, only took us 15 minutes to run down.  

At the base of the trail, we even met a butterfly charmer.
(That seems like a very tempting profession.  I think I'll keep it in mind in case I ever decide to drop out of school.)  

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Tasha said...

I LOVE Zion. You should go back sometime and hike the Narrows!