Who knew that these bikes could be so much fun?!

And so funny.

Here's why I love this picture: 
1. Tegan is safe on the back seat, looking blissful and happy.
  2. Levi looks way too relaxed to be steering and NOT looking at where he's going.
3. I'm trying to smile for the camera and keep my eyes open when I'm really feeling terrified and screaming about as loud as I can with my eyes tightly closed.

It was quite the adrenalin rush.  I was literally shaking when I got off of those handlebars.

But it was such a fun time.  I haven't laughed as hard as I did today in a long time...meaning I haven't laughed like that for about 24 hours.  :]  

I love summer.

P.S.  The three of us were only on the bike together for maybe two minutes.  Then Tegan and I rode it home withOUT Levi.

P.P.S. It's because of posts like this that I'm grateful my Mom doesn't read my blog.

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Tegan said...

I did, I knew it could be that much fun! Such a blast!