Home is Where...

the heart is...and a lot of other stuff.

Like two brothers that I adore.

Here are just a couple of reasons:
1. Ben is always willing to go on a late night, fast food run.
2. Spencer will do projects with me.
3. Ben will sing operatically, or normally, or very loudly, or screech-ily(?) to me whenever I play the piano.  (So really, I guess Ben just sings normally whenever I play the piano.)
4. Spencer is taller than me, finally, which makes me the proud shortest in the family.
5. Today Ben used the door leading out to the garage as a canvas on which to trace the outline of his body.  (Ben is 17, by the way.)
6. Spencer's voice is breaking and it provides me with constant entertainment.  (And don't worry, he likes to be laughed at, so he makes it crack for me.)
7. Ben is always up for a hug.
8. And Spencer is also always up for a hug.

I don't think I could have asked for better brothers.  I love them!

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