Time Flies

June 28, 2011

Dear Family,

This week has been the fastest yet at the MTC.  I have been so busy and so blessed!  Here's what happened:

Monday (a week ago): Sister Lewis and I were trained to give tours to the new Mission Presidents of the MTC.  They received their training last week, which meant that the first presidency, all of the apostles, and many general authorities were here to train them.  There was an even stronger Spirit here for those special days.

Tuesday: Preparation Day.  Nothing too eventful.  Just a great devotional by Elder Sybrowsky about walking WITH the Savior during our missions.

Wednesday: We gave tours.  Mission Presidents are truly some of the most consecrated people on earth and I could feel their strength. (And how overwhelmed they were.  :])

Thursday: We taught three "investigators." I love teaching!  I also shook Elder Christofferson's hand.  It felt like a hand, but it was an incredible experience, because as I looked into his eyes, I had the confirmation that he is an apostle of the Lord, and that those he serves with are also men of God.

Friday: Elder Bednar spoke to us. I wish I had more time to write about his wonderful, wonderful talk.  What a teacher he is!

Sunday: I ate lunch with Preident Brown, the president of the MTC.  He has an incredible memory; he knew the names of all of the 57 branch presidents here.  (And his favorite midnight snack is fruit, toast, and milk.  Just a sidenote.)

Really quick, could you send me personal stories about how tithing has blessed your life.

Dad - How'd your talk go?
Spencer - how's camp and your class?
Mom - How are you liking camp?
Ben - how's your summer going?  Any job yet?

Well, you'll have to get my spiritual thoughts next week.  I'm out of time.  Love you all!!

-Katherine, Sister Welch

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