Seeing the Miracles Every Day

Dear Family,
Here is the letter I promised with all of the miracles. ... P.S. This can go on the blog.

July 6
First day of tracting: Ryan . 
I got to teach and testify to a real person for the first time as a missionary.

July 7
I gave my first tour at the Visitors center. 
This was a miracle because I felt the power in the VC and the Spirit it has there.

July 8
Visitor Center training meeting.  
This changed my perspective for my whole mission.  Happiness = Service; And focusing on others.  I was feeling depressed but this meeting  lifted me.  I felt the prayers of my family and friends and the support of angels.

July 9
Sister Hazen.
I spent the whole day with her and had a change of heart about our companionship.  I have a feeling that we'll be best friends by the end of this transfer.

July 10
What I said to Tim, a man we met today.
I felt the spirit prompting me to ask him what he would do if he knew the Book of Mormon was true, and so I asked him. It was simple but I felt fulfilled afterwords, and it strengthened me.

July 11
Two new investigators.
We met one after an hour of tracting in the 100 degree humid heat (Ralph was his name) and the other (Giovana)was two minutes before we were supposed to go home.

July 12
I asked a lady "when" we could come back and not "if" and she said tomorrow.

July 13
It was our preparation day but we decided to go tracting tonight and met Ishmael, a 19 year old evangelical preparing to go on a mission.  He, himself, is so prepared to receive the gospel and this was the first time that I got a taste of that joy that comes from missionary work.

July 14
We taught Ralph again.
Sister Adeniyi came with us and it was perfect.  I felt and recognized the spirit present.  I love teaching!

July 15
Sister Hazen and I were doing our weekly planning and it was taking longer than normal when we heard a knock.  We answered and it was this man Tite from Cameroon that we had met a week ago.  He thought the French elders, who we had referred him to, lived in our apartment and he had come to get a Book of Mormon. We had one in his language (not a coincidence) and we gave it to him. I'm so glad we were home.

July 16
Visitor Center Calling
Part of VC shift means calling contacts to get appointments.  I'd been putting it off because I would rather talk to people face to face, and I just didn't have the best attitude about it.  However, on my first call, I got an appointment!

July 17
"Why I Believe"
Sandra Turley (Broadway Star) sang and spoke with her husband, Josh, at this program. It was the first time I had cried because I was so touched since being in the Matsumori's home on July 5th.

July 18
It's been almost two weeks since I arrived in Washington D.C, and there hasn't been one morning that I've woken up with the usual morning sickness.  The blessing of health I received in my setting apart has come to pass.

July 19
At the VC I met a woman who had come to go to the temple, but she didn't know that it was closed.  I took her back to the Book of Mormon Exhibit and read 3 Nephi 9:13-14. Afterwords, she started bawling and told me about all the hard things she is going through like her husband's death and her son's inactivity.  We listened to The Christus together and then she needed some time by herself.  I'm so grateful that I was the one who could give her a little comfort through the scriptures and the words of Christ.

So ther it is.  There are so many blessing to being a missionary.  Thank you for all of the prayers and faith.  I can feel your love.

Sister Welch

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