No Natural Disasters this Time.

I can't believe that it's already another p-day! Time goes by so, so quickly here.  And there haven't been any natural disasters lately, just a TON of rain.  It's unbelievable how much it can rain, the drops are huge and I was going 25 mph this morning and still couldn't see anything.  I love it.  

As for the week, it was busy and great.  Here's the run-down of people that we're teaching:

Ralph: He's been struggling lately.  He's cancelled appointments for the past three weeks, and he's fine with us stopping by, but after church was cancelled due to the hurricane, he hasn't been back to church either.  It's tragic to see how fast he's going back to what we we're trying to get him to leave behind.  With him, we're planning on putting it all back into perspective, with Heavenly Father's plan for him, and his divine nature as part of that plan.  I really believe that if people truly know who they are, they will be motivated to become what Heavenly Father knows they can be.  That's what Mr. Ralphy needs to know.

Audrey: She's doing great.  Her progress is slow (in missionary time; it's normal in not-missionary time), but it's real.  She is so sincere about changing, and she talks in terms of "when" she's baptized, not "if" she's baptized.  She told us that she'd probably be baptized by January (did I already tell you that?), and then she said that's more of a committment than she's ever made before.  But she's such a sassafrass sometimes, and we have to keep reminding her that she's not committing to us-she's committing to Heavenly Father.  We're teaching her about the atonement today.  I'm SO excited for this lesson.  We're going to show her the "None Were With Him"  (click on the title for the link) Mormon Message.  It's so powerful and will be so good for her. 

Daneil: Our 23-year old Jamaica girl who is teaching us Patois. (said "pat-wa", I'm not exactly sure how to spell it.)  She is a character.  We met with her twice last week, and she came to church on Sunday, and we'll be teaching her again this week.  She has a B-date for the 25th, and we're on Lesson 3, so she'll make it for sure.  Pray for her! She's had such a hard life and has a lot of healing to do in this conversion process.  But the gospel has that power, and I have this vision of her being a missionary one day.  She would be incredible.

Olga: Miracle story with her.  A couple of weeks ago, Sister Hazen just found this Area Sheet (a list of names and numbers with former investigators, or people we can't contact).  She turned it into the the VC, (because each of us always have an area sheet that we go through during our calling time), and Sister Joost (the girl I knew from Women's chorus) was assigned to call our sheet.  So she called, got ahold of Olga and set up an appointment.  Come to find out, Olga was a former, and she had to stop taking the lessons because her husband wouldn't allow the missionaries to come over.  (It was to the point of physical harm...scary)  Anyway, he had moved out 2 days before Sister Joost called.  And Olga had stopped going to her old church a few weeks before we came over.  Crazy!!  It's amazing to see how the timing of everything worked out.  It's just another evidence that Heavenly Father's hand is in everything.  So, she has a B-date for the 18th.

Russell: He's solid. He was at church again last Sunday, and we meet with him weekly.  We've been about as bold as we can be with him, and I know when he opens his heart, and takes a moment to feel the truth, rather than disect it, he'll know.  He's fun to teach because he is so brilliant, and he likes to go off on tangents, so we have to redirect.  I really do feel like a parent with all of the worrying, and praying, and teaching we do with him, even though sometimes it feels weird being a "parent" to someone who is 77.  He's planning on reading the whole Book of Mormon by the end of the year, and thinks he'll finish it sooner.  And he is so fellowshipped in our ward that I know he'll be ready sooner.

Pat: She's a 7th Day Adventist, but at a point in her life where she's questioning.  We met her at the baptism of two little girls in our ward, and she asked us if we could come teach her.  Another miracle.  And she has friends in the ward who are converts, so she's well on her way.  We've only taught her once, but she is so honest in her desire to know truth, that I know she'll be ready to accept the gospel soon.

We also have appointments with Cheryll and Donna, which I'll have to tell you about next week.  We're so busy and so blessed.  Talk to you soon.

-Sister Welch

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