Turkey Day and Almost Festival!!!!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! I'll admit, it was weird being away from home, but I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I noticed that there weren't any croissants at our dinner! How dare they? But we had a wonderful dinner, even if it was missing the croissants.  There were even some nonmembers there which made it even more of a feast for us.  :]

Today I'm feeling like I have a very frazzled missionary brain, and so these thoughts may be less organized/have more typos than normal, so bear with me. 

Sheri.  She's amazing.  She's searching, she wants to do what's right, and she'll commit to living the gospel before we even ask her.  It's going to be tricky with only 8 hours in our area every week due to festival, but hopefully, hopefully we can keep teaching her and not give her over to the elders.  Is that selfish? I just love teaching people who are prepared! (Well, I actually love teaching everyone.  A challenge is good every once in a while too, but Sheri is just so great!)  Anyway, we've taught her about the Restoration and half of the plan of salvation.  That is the trickiest one to simplify.  Pre-earth life and kingdoms are just so new to people that they always have lots of questions, which is great, but sometimes I think it would be easier if they just had the big picture, and then asked questions afterward, instead of getting caught up in how we were spirits before we came to earth, or whatever detail is new to them.  Sheri does a great job of just taking it all in though, and her comprehension is great.  We're just focusing on the feelings part with her more and more though, and have even started singing on doorsteps and during lessons to bring the spirit.  It felt a little ridiculous at first, and sometimes I have to try really hard not to laugh when I realize, "Bah! I'm really singing a hymn to a stranger on their doorstep!" but I have a testimony of it.  It brings the spirit like nothing else, and although I'd rather hide behind a piano, singing does seem to touch hearts in ways that the piano can't.  So Sheri will be getting lots of hymns soon.

It was really neat to see how she was prepared, too.  You know how they say a person has to have 4-9 contacts with the church before they'll listen to missionaries, well without even asking her, Sheri told us about every single way she came in contact with the church.  First, her handicap brother was living with her, and the sisters taught him a couple of years ago.  She'd never sit in, but was always aware and listening in.  Then her friend made the comment at work one day, "Mormon's are the nicest people!" and then another of her coworkers joined the church and she saw his change.  Then the elders offered to help her carry in groceries and referred her to us.  Look at that.  Exactly four contacts.  And she even mentioned how she felt like those things prepared her to meet with us.  It was so exciting.  And it still is.

As for the rest of the week, I know we had divine help.  The promise that angels will be round about us to bear us up is a real promise.  I testify of that. 

And Festival of Lights starts tonight! Tonight is Ambassador's Night, and a special guest (who is tall, and who Dad picked up from the Vegas airport one time, ahem ahem*) is coming to open up the festival with the Ambassador of Brazil.  It should be incredible.  And tomorrow is Diplomat Night, and then the next night we're open to the public.  Free concerts every night, over half a million lights outside on the trees.  It will be so much fun! I'm so blessed to be a part of this.  There will be pictures and good stories coming soon!

I love you all.

-Sister Welch

*This is an church leader who's first name is Lee but he only uses the initial and his middle name, which he does use, is the male type of Turkey.  His last name is a town in Utah north of Ogden and south of Brigham City.   ;}

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