Rushing Again.

We went to the city today, got back a little late, and so this one is
going to be quick too.   Sorry!  But I hope you enjoyed the pictures
from last week.  :]

Amazing people we're teaching right now:

Susan-came to church two weeks in a row, is reading the Book of Mormon every night, and is the most pure spirit I've ever met.  She is so sweet! She's also a cat lady in every sense of the term.  It makes me laugh.

Tracy-has the hardest life I've ever heard of.  Everything wrong that could happen, has happened to her family.  And that's a pretty scary thought with the way this world is.  However, she LOVES the church, and is getting baptized!!!  And so is her son, Anthony.  He's 11 and loves church too, which equals automatically a choice spirit.  How many 11 year olds do you know that love going to church?

Kathlyn-self-referral from festival of lights.  She is 18 and it is an honor to be in her presence.  She is one of the most spiritually mature people I've ever met, and during our first lesson with her, she kept saying, "Wow" and "That makes sense!" and "Another book! That's awesome!"  Eeeee!!! I love being a missionary!!!  She really is incredible and will be baptized for sure.

And we're teaching many more wonderful and prepared people.  This area should have 20 baptisms next transfer.  :]

Also, I wanted to share a conversation I had with Sister Wong on a very cold day.
Me: Do you think if I wore a ski mask people would take me seriously?
Sister Wong: What's a ski mask?
Me: It's like a hat that covers your face with two holes cut out for the eyes.
Sister Wong. Ohhhhh.......I think they'd take you very seriously.

Hahaha!  I love her.  I have had the best companions.

And I love you all as well! Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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