Never Have I ...

...slept so well, but still felt this exhausted.

...seen so many pink trees.  Maryland is BEA-U-TIFUL in the spring.

...eaten so much ice cream.  Food is the one area we have to let go on the mission.

...grown tired of seeing the happiness that comes from repentance.
I'll never get tired of that.

...talked to so many French people.  Well, I guess I don't really talk to them...

...been told by a complete stranger, in a southern accent, that I'm a "perfect angel" 20 times in two minutes.

...sneezed so much in my life.  It's the craziest thing.  While we were teaching Susan, I had no problems with her cats, but now that she's baptized, I have sneezing attacks every time we go to her house.
 I guess we need to turn her over to the members.

...felt so bad for going over our allotted miles, again, until we found out that we have 1500, not 1200 miles.  That was a funny moment.

...loved conference this much.

...sung three solos in two months.  And never will I ever do that again.

...been this happy.  The mission's incredible.

I love you all.  Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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