Five Minutes.

We see some of the most interesting people out here.  The other day, we were driving down a 45 mph road, when this 20 year old guy with dreds that were about 3 ft long, pulls out into the intersection going 2 mph on a little riding lawn mower.  I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard. 

And the best part is, that's pretty normal here.

I love teaching in this area, because usually when we go to a house to teach the Mom, her husband comes home, and then a brother walks out of the back, and then the brother's girlfriend shows up, and by the time we're done with the lesson, there's a whole giant family that's home and just waitin' for the gospel!  It's great.  And humbling.  I sometimes have no idea how so many people fit into one house.  For example, there's a family of recent converts who lives in a little 500 square foot home, and this is who is living there: The Mom and her two teenage boys.  The Mom's sister who is expecting a little baby.  The Mom's other sister and her daughter, and her daughter's fiance and their three little boys.  All in that little house.  And they're happy people.  That's the best part.  They know what's important and they've found that and are hanging onto it and each other.  It's amazing to see.

The Visitors' Center has also been great.  So many miracles.  Sometimes I can't believe the caliber of sisters that I serve with.  We have a new exhibit up that answers frequently asked questions and has pictures of a sacrament meeting, and baptism, and things that people are curious about.  It is going to be so wonderful to have.  Already people have come away wanting to learn more because their questions were answered.  I'll have to take pictures to send to you (because I'm really good at sending pictures home, haha.)

Well, I'm about out of time, so I'm sorry this was short but our week has been a missionary week: full of finding and member work and the VC.  Life is grand.

I love you all.  Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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