Good Luck

There is one thing I know for certain this week, and it's that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.  This transfer has brought about a lot of good, but crazy changes, including extra responsibility at the Visitors' Center, a new area, a new companion, a new ward, Elder Bednar's coming, the Night of Music and Inspiration that I've been planning happens on Tuesday, and our apartment hasn't decided to turn on the AC yet.  What an adventure! And the way I know Heavenly Father has a sense of humor is that he sent me to an apartment complex on "Good Luck Rd."  Too funny!  Every time we pull in for the night I just have to laugh. 

This past week has been crazy.  We are running into the strangest people! One man recognized us as we were going to talk to his neighbor, and decided it was time to give us a sermon on masonry and Joseph Smith.  A man last night told us that he was Christian, and a minister, and that he had no time to meet with us or read the Book of Mormon, but he'd just finished reading this 800 page book on atheism that we should read sometime.  Weird.  And another man got all riled up and told us that we are going to "this place down south" if we keep believing the Book of Mormon is true.  Then the funny part was that we saw him at the Amish Market today with his wife.  He wasn't too happy to see us, and ran away pretty quickly.  His poor wife looked a little confused when she turned around and he wasn't there.  Oh, and we also met another man who believes the world should be run by women, and was happy to see us doing what the Elders usually do.  Sadly, he doesn't live in our area.  But I'm sure the Elders will enjoy his views on the world.

At the Visitors' Center this past week, we've been seeing so many miracles.  It seems like as election time comes closer, there are more and more people who come in and say, "I'm going to vote for Mitt Romney.  What can you tell me about his church?"  And the sisters are incredible with their responses.  Sometimes it's hard to not feel intimidated when there are so many wonderful people I serve with!  But we lift each other and the work moves forward.  This really is a remarkable place to serve.  It's truly a gateway to the world. 

And again my testimony of prayer has been strengthened.  The adage, "Keep calm and carry on," has proved to be a big help this past week. With all of the changes, I was feeling a little overwhelmed, and scattered, but as I read one of the talks Elder Bednar asked us to study (Ask in Faith) I realized that patient persistence in prayer is Christ-like.  So, I patiently persisted, and a few days ago, I finally had the peace I was searching for, and things began to fall into place.  I know had divine help in accomplishing my to-do list of about 100 items, and everything just worked out.  That's what I love about the gospel: it's simple.  And it's a good thing too, because my weak and simple brain would not be able to handle much else.  But prayer works, and so does patience.  And so does the gospel.

So, stay true to those things that are eternal.  That's where the peace comes from.

I love you all!

-Sister Welch

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