The Amazing Day

What a week!  It's been busy.  And busy equals great.  I just wanted to write about one day that we had last week which will explain, in a way, what the entire week is like.

Okay, so this transfer we've been building up the area, which means trying to find people, organize things, and not a ton of teaching.  Every new area I move to is like that, (I'm not sure why) so I should be used to it by now, but it took me a while to feel like I was back up on my feet.  Anyway, this past Friday we had Training Meeting at the Visitors' Center, and then I went with the other trainers to the leadership meeting with President, the AP's, Zone Leaders and District Leaders, while Sister Holt was on shift.  We were rebuked a little, and the training there was focused on working harder, and setting the example of reaching our mission goals (specifically the goal of baptisms).  Then I went back to the VC and was in the trainer's meeting until 4.  Usually I'm brain-dead after days like this, but for whatever reason, I felt awake, and like there was a specific work to do in our area and that we could find it and do it.  So we left at 4, got to the area at 4:30, and visited a recent convert Ema.  She is incredible, and the visit was the perfect way to start our time back in the area.  After Ema we went home for dinner, then left again to be out working until 8:30.  On our way to an appointment with Blanche and Jasmine, we decided to call Craig, someone we'd met six weeks ago, but never heard from again.  When we called, he was surprised, but SO happy.  He said, "Crazy that you called me today, because I was going to come visit your church tomorrow!"  Bah!  So that was miracle number 1. 

Then we went to the appointment and they weren't there, but Jasmine's brother and his friend were there, so we taught them instead and now they're interested in learning more.  Miracle Number 2!

Then off to see a less active.  We parked outside of his apartment building, and as we were walking there, we started talking to a lady who was walking her dog.  She turned out to be Jehovah's Witness, but was the nicest person, and so willing to listen.  She'd been looking for answers when she'd found the Jehovah's Witness faith, and was happy there, but we could tell there was something that she was holding back from us.  We told her that God had a hand in her life and had led her there to that religion in order to prepare her for this moment and this message we were sharing with her.  She looked surprised, but told us that she wanted to go online to mormon.org and pray about it. She said she was interested in visiting our church sometime too!  It was one of those moments where we knew she wasn't lying, and that she had felt the spirit.  She even introduced herself as Sister Clark.  :]  That was Miracle Number 3. 

Before we even reached out less active's apartment we met another man who flat out told us that he was trying to find himself and was looking for peace. When we gave him the Book of Mormon, he flipped through it, then looked at us and said he was going to read it in two weeks.  I'm holding him to that.  I'm sure if he's looking for peace and his identity, he'll find it in that book. The 4th Miracle. 

And Number 5 was that our less active was home and wanted to come to church!  Then the craziest miracle happened as we were driving home.  We got a phone call from an unknown number and the first thing she said after introducing herself as Debbie, was, "I want to come to your church this Sunday."  WHAT?!  That never happens! I wish I could say what a huge blessing that was, but I don't know if I could put it into words unless you've experienced something like that before.  We found out she'd been taught 2 years ago, and had every missionary pamphlet and church manual, and set of scriptures a person could have! Incredible.  And the best part was, that all of this took place in 3 hours.  It's amazing what can happen when the Lord magnifies our time. 

Which sometimes I wish would happen with emailing.  It goes by so fast!

But I love you all.  Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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