Tuesday Surprise

Happy Tuesday!  This transfer p-day will probably still be on Wednesday, but today was a special case because it was transfer day.  President had a meeting on Wednesday, so everything was moved up a day.  And it was interesting.  Usually we here in a call-out where we're going and who our new companion is, but today, we met in the chapel and President announced from the pulpit who our new companion would be.  I loved it because I already knew so I wasn't nervous, but I was able to just enjoy everyone's reaction...whether that be disappointment or joy or terror or whatever it may be.  It was hilarious.  At least, everything was fine until President got to my name and said, "Sister Welch.  Your new companion will be Elder..............just kidding."  Ahhhh!!!!  I almost died.  Literally.  Everyone was laughing while I almost had a heart attack.  Just the thought of that scared me to death even though I knew he was joking.  Oh President.  Too funny.  The biggest surprise for most, though was that Sister Gros (my trainee) went to the Spanish program!  I'm so proud of her.  English, French, Spanish...she better start learning Chinese and ASL.  That girl could do anything and succeed.  

So, I'm sure you're all wondering who my new companion is.  Well, Dad, you'll be happy to hear that I'm with Sister Wankier!  Utah State herself.  I'm not sure if she knows yet that BYU beat them pretty bad in their last game (haha, sorry Faddo-A), but I'm not going to be the one to break that news to her.  Comp unity comes first.  :]  We'll have so much fun.  Her optimism and energy is just what this ward and all of our investigators need.  I can't wait to get started.  

And as for last week, Conference was amazing!  Spencer, you can go on a mission when you're 18!!!!  Crazy! Just after the announcement I had to go upstairs in the VC to be on the floor to greet people as they came in.  In walked this cute Mormon family that was on their way to the airport and hadn't been able to hear any of conference.  There was the Mom and Dad, their one daughter and her husband, and then another daughter and son that were teenagers.  They all kind of parted ways to check out the new exhibit or get a drink, but the younger husband sat in front of the Christus with the teenage son.  I asked them if they'd heard the news and the hadn't, so I got to be the one to break it to them.  The boy (who was 15) was pretty surprised, but his brother-in-law said, "Oh man!  Wait till Amber hears this!  She's going to be so excited."  Amber was the (17 year old) daughter and apparently the whole family had been teasing her that she'd get married before she went on a mission.  So when she finally made it back over to the group, I got to tell her with the whole family standing there watching for her reaction.  At first she looked shocked, then ecstatic, then she just burst into tears because she was so happy.  Then her mom started crying.  Then I started crying.  Bah! Then the whole family was hugging and laughing and it was so priceless to be able to experience that.  The church is true, folks and this revelation is going to change the world.  

So this past week we started teaching Tevin.  He's 16 and Tamarye's older brother.  He's been taught by missionaries lots and lots before, but decided to give it another chance.  I know he's searching for something, otherwise he wouldn't be doing this, but we're still trying to figure out what.  Pray for him.  He really wants to get an answer about this and he's so sincere that I know it will come soon.  Sister Wankier will be perfect for him because she's been a counselor at EFY and loves teenagers.  So no worries from me.  He'll be great.  

I'd love to hear how all of you are doing.  Sometimes I feel like more people read my blog than write me letters.  :]  So drop me a note.  It doesn't even have to be a letter.  I'd love to hear anything from any of you. 

I love you all!  Stay true to what's eternal!

-Sister Welch

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