What It Means to Know Christ

Here are some beautiful thoughts by George W. Pace.

There is a great reason for being.

Let me share with you a way to imagine the Atonement that might make it more real for you. Suppose that you were to review your life with the Savior, the occasions where you broke the commandments. How would you feel? Just the idea would bother me greatly, because I feel so ashamed of my sins. Imagine how that guilt would be quickened by the presence of the Savior, how painful it would be to know that the Lord has really seen all of your weaknesses and your willful disobedience. What a heartbreaking experience! Particularly when you realize that there is no way for you to make amends for your sins.
Then, perhaps, your mind goes back to the account of the Lord in Gethsemane, of how he was so burdened with sorrow and the agony of suffering that drops of blood came from his pores. You realize that part of his suffering was to pay for your sins.
When I contemplate this, after repentance, something happens. I feel a new kind of joy and peace. I feel clean, changed. I find myself with a whole new nature. (See Alma 36:20–21.) I realize that this change is a result of his magnificent love and willingness to assume the pain and suffering caused by my disobedience. (See Mosiah 5:2.) And, oh, how I rejoice for that tremendous blessing!

The Lord is going to ask us to do things that are impossible to do—except through him! 

I believe he is saying he would like to put his arms around all of us and comfort and strengthen us. He would like to reach into our hearts, pull out the anxiety, sorrow, and concern, and instill in our hearts great peace, joy, and a realization that we are infinitely precious in his eyes.

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