In our apartment, we recently started a new program entitled S.E.E.D. which stands for Seeking Enlightenment Every Day. We've finally started reading scriptures and praying daily as a 'family'. It's amazing how quickly it changed the mood in our dorm and in ourselves. I hope that as we continue this, the metaphor of a growing seed will come to pass and that our faith will grow every day.


Sylvia & Mark said...

Smart! Keep it up no matter what. The semester I did that with my "mates," was my most memorable and promising one. We had the fewest disagreements and are still friends. It is so worth it and I'm happy to hear you are receiving a testimony of the power of the scriptures!!! YOU are so SO smart...You caught on your first semester. Great Job.

Chris and Tanielle said...

What a neat habbit to get into! You must live with some really great girls!