The First Snow

Yesterday was the first real snow that Utah has had. There were flurries coming down all day and it stuck for a little bit, then melted. We all had fun being in it, but I think Tegan and I had the best experience. As we were walking home from work, 10-15 Asian men walk out of the conference center. They were pretty excited to see the snow and started to take pictures in it. They set one camera on the trash can to take a timed picture, but I asked them if they'd like me to take the picture. One of them said, "Ya, ya, ya" and handed me his camera. He said, "You, take pic-tcha (picture), and you," he grabbed Tegan's arm "come join us." So they put Tegan front and center, (she told me afterward someone grabbed her waist so she may look a little wide-eyed) and I took the picture. Then, the same man said, "Just a moh-ment, just a moh-ment," as he walked over to me, handed the camera to Tegan and said, "Now, you take pic-tcha, and you" he grabbed my arm, "come join us." So I was in their picture also. But that wasn't enough. They had to have both of us. So we stood in the middle of all of these funny asian men, while one of them took the pic-tcha. I loved it! It was a great way to start the day and as we were walking home, Tegan told me that she heard one of them say, "Proof, we are een Ah-mer-ee-ca" (Proof we are in America). And I thought, "Yep, and I'm so glad you are."


Ron Welch said...

Melli Kulisumasu


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Chris and Tanielle said...

That is so cute!