Tail Pulling

Today I just wanted to post a profound quote by President Packer that I heard recently. He said, "When you pull the tail of the devil, he likes to spit a little fire." The visual in my head is almost funny, but I'll let you ponder on the deeper meaning. What a great quote.


Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

Yep! That is a great one. We should be seeing some fireworks come GC. I heard a bunch of Prop 8 protestors will be there. Have you heard anything?

Katherine Welch said...

I heard they're up-ing the security and that the SLCPD is going through special riot training. Chris would probably know more about that than I would, though. Scary. I don't think I'll be going to SL for this General Conference. I'll pull the devil's tail in a different way.

Tegster said...

Do you think if I pull his tail hard enough he will burn my test?