Gilligan's Island Trivia

Last semester I took a class called Music Civilization 201. I liked it so much (and I needed another civilization credit) so I decided to take Music Civ. 202. The professor apparently likes Gilligan's Island because each semester he shares a fun fact with us about this great TV show. First, did you know that you could sing the words of Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island? (Try it if you don't believe me.) And second, each character represents one of the seven deadly sins. 1. Lust = Ginger (for obvious reasons) 2. Envy = Mary Ann who is jealous of Ginger 3. Greed = Mr. Howell (again for obvious reasons) 4. Sloth = Mrs. Howell because throughout all of the seasons (and I've seen them all) she does absolutely nothing 5. Pride = Professor who thinks intelligence puts him above the rest of the stranded castaways 6. Gluttony/Wrath = Skipper who is so big and so angry he gets two. And last, but not least, Gilligan is the devil because he keeps them all in purgatory.


Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

Very interesting information...do you think if I ever get on Jeopardy it will help me win?

Hang in there!! Freshman year has lots of unique challenges all its own. You'll survive it and make some changes for next year and you'll find your abilities will be increased and improved!

And don't forget to eat regular meals and drink lots of water {regardless of roomies on diets}. Take a vitamin or two as well...

Love you!

Josh Rox said...

Happy Birthday :)