Hol(e)y Sacrament Cups

In my ward here at BYU, the sacrament is usually a very reverent time. There are no children, everyone is respectful, and it is a great time to reflect and repent. But every once in a while, something happens during the sacrament that makes it a little harder to focus. Today, as I was passed the water, I tried to pull the little paper cup out of the hole, but it was pushed down pretty tightly. So I tried a little harder, resulting in some water spilling out, but I got the cup out and then realized that there was a hole out of which water was streaming onto my skirt. I quickly drank and passed it on. I thought I could go back to my reverent contemplation, but I soon noticed that the same thing happened to all of my roommates. Ali's cup had a slash through it, not just a hole, so she got water all over. And then I saw the row in front of me was having the same problem. Now, when there are water fountains coming out of all of the sacrament cups, it makes it very hard to focus. This isn't the first time that this has happened either. But it's still just as funny and only serves as a reminder that Heavenly Father (or certain elders in my ward) have a great a sense of humor.


Josh Rox said...

haha nice title there

Vance.bryce@gmail.com said...

Oh...I like to watch the people on the stand when they get a hole...he he he