Family Pictures!!

Last night for FHE we took family pictures. It was a lot of fun and this is the best one of everyone (in my opinion). We had a hard time getting all of the boys to cooperate at once, thus the contemplative look on Michael's face. But I love it. They're all so funny. Here's the guy's picture: There's actually a big cave with pumps for the waterfall where Michael, Daniel, and Will are. It's too bad they didn't decide to turn the water on while they we all back there. And here's the girl's picture. Notice that there are about three times as many of us. The ratio in my ward is a little off, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's just too much fun with 150 girls. And I probably don't need to point this out either, but again, we couldn't get the boys to cooperate. Just like little brothers (I'm assuming big brothers would be the same, but I wouldn't know from experience.) We also took pictures with Dad (David) and the girls, and Mom (Kelli) and the boys. So, there we are. Only a couple more weeks with this family and how I'm going to miss them! Love you guys.


Nick Platt said...

I wish our family pictures were nice like that. We barely had like half of our family there too.

Josh Rox said...

Kool.... yea I didn't make ours