Easter at Nana's

It is so nice to have family close by so that I can spend holidays with them. Yesterday, for Easter, my Aunt Donna picked Tegan, Kelli, and me up to go to Nana's for the day. Uncle Vedel, Aunt Jan, and Anna came over for a delicious dinner, then we just spent a couple hours at the house. For dinner we had funeral potatoes, ham, corn, salad, rolls, and pumpkin pie filling. We were so full by the time we were done eating that we hardly fit in our clothes, so Donna brought out three skirts with elastic waists. They look good, huh? After dinner we went outside because the weather is beautiful, and so I could show off the swingset and pole on the front porch. I showed Tegan and Kelli how to swing around it, which is always an adventure in a skirt. Here are the videos of each of us.

How fun! Thanks Nana and Donna for a wonderful Easter.

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Josh Rox said...

Kelli's is my favorite haha