Changes at Home

I'm home!!! On Thursday I drove home with my Grandma Gail and walked in the front door to a lot of changes. Nothing major, just life at home had moved on without me. Here are some of the things that have changed:
1. Spencer is up to my nose and has braces. He's growing up!
2. Ben is big. Period. And still growing.
3. Dad's hair looks the same as it did in his high school year book from the 70's. And yes, he'll be 50 this year. (You have my permission to tease him.)
4. My room is now the craft room...or it was going to be until I decided I was coming back home for the summer. Now it's just guest room/my bedroom.
5. Our dog, Toasty, can now sit, lie down, crawl, spin, jump through hoops, jump up to give kisses, and eats anything he can get.
6. My bathroom has a new wall decoration. I saw it as soon as I came home, but didn't say anything until later when I asked Spencer what it was. This is how he explained it. "Dad went to a garage sale, saw it, and thought, 'A work of art!' so he bought it and then Mom saw it and went 'bleeeehhhhh!'." Dad won and got to hang it on my wall. He thinks it's a great match. I just think it's funny.
One last thing. I went to Savior of the World last night with my family because Ben's in it and before the production there was this gorgeous sunset, something I never saw in Utah. And the performance was wonderful, by the way. If you ever get the chance, you should take the opportunity and go see it!

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Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

Isn't it fun to come back home after being gone for a while? It is always fun to see what changes and what doesn't.

PS Your dad's hair may look that way in the millenium! I think the cowlicks are here to stay!! I love the "art." It makes me smile.

PPS I wish I could have seen Ben in SotW.

CONGRATULATIONS on successfully completing your freshman year. Way to Go!!