Church in the Home Ward

There are a couple things I love about being home and one of them is going to church in my home ward. Last week was my first week being back, and I was greeted with a lot of hugs and smiles, which always makes me feel great. Then, in the middle of the meeting, one of the two 3 year-old twins I know spotted me for the first time and yelled KATHWIN! I loved it! Then of course the other twin noticed me and as soon as sacrament meeting was over, they raced over, took my hands and told me I had to walk them to Primary. How cute. Kids are so funny and I missed having them at church. This week I was able to substitute for the pianist in Primary and for choir; it's feeling almost like I never left.


Josh Rox said...

KATHWIN!!!!! haha cute

Nick Platt said...

Heck of Cute!!!