Freshmen Orientation, Again?

This past week was a busy one. I moved into my new apartment, I worked, and I volunteered as a Y-Group Leader for New Student Orientation. This means that I was responsible for a group of about 20 freshmen for three days. What an experience! It started on Tuesday when I went through a day of training and met my partner. At this training I learned that BYU prays about each student by name before they are admitted. BYU also ranks third on the list for using the most church funding. I suddenly felt like I should be a lot more responsible than I am, but it's incredible to think that I'm going to a debt-free university and to have the feeling confirmed again that I really am supposed to be here. The rest of the week was just fun and games and tours and devotionals with all of the freshmen. They are such a great group of young adults and they made my week. How can I not be happy when they're so excited to be here that they'll roll down the hill by the library with me, and play funny games like 'Ninja', and then be able to settle down and give some really profound insight into the type of people we should be? What a wonderful week. BYU is definitely the place for me to be.


Ron Welch said...

Mom and I were talking last night and we mentioned theat when we talked with you, we felt like you were home at BYU and not at our place. Yep, BYU is the place for you. For now.

Gearhart Family said...

So happy you are feeling at "home" at the Y! Sounds like you're doing a great service to the freshmen to help them feel the same way! :)
Love You!!!