Yesterday, the family went to Lagoon with Grandma Gail and met up with my mom's sister, Doni, and her kids. What a fun day! I'd been to Lagoon once before, but the only memory I have is of the old white roller coaster. It was the first roller coaster I'd ever been on and I remember being so scared I couldn't get enough air to scream on the way down. Yesterday was a little different.
This picture was taken on a ride where you sit on swings, and go around and around in a circle. Lagoon should be famous for rides that go in a circle; there were plenty.
Later in the day, my mom's sister and her kids met us and we went on more of the "big-kid" rides. One of the best rides was Wicked, which shoots you straight, and I mean straight, up and then goes over a tiny arch before you come straight down and into the rest of the roller coaster. I thought going down would be the worst, but being shot up, not knowing if you'd fall backwards or go right off the coaster was definitely more frightening. My other favorite was called the Samuri and I don't exactly know how to describe it. It basically takes you around in circles, three different ways. It's kind of like the moon, which is spinning, orbiting the earth, which is orbiting the sun. (Sorry, that's the best example I have.) Anyway, I was having walking problems when I got off, but it was one of the best rides of the park.
Like all the adds say, Lagoon-The Fun Starts Here!

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