Home is Where I Am! (Was)

This past weekend I drove down to Henderson with Nana, Uncle Vedel, and Aunt Donna, jumped over my block wall, and crept in through the back door to surprise my family! Ben and Spencer were the only people home, and their reactions were pretty good. Ben looked confused at first, but just shook his head and said, "You're tricky." Spencer, who I was standing right behind, had to be told to turn around and he took a minute to register the fact that I was actually there, before he gave me a HUGE hug. Ah, what fun. My parents and I were at the temple, so Ben and I took Toasty for a walk around the desert, mesa area up the street. There's probably about a square mile of desert and Ben showed me a little oasis with a stream and some small waterfalls that were so pretty. I'd lived there for three years and didn't even know it. On our way back home it was getting dark, but we saw Toasty bite at something as it hopped away. A frog! Or a toad, I'm not sure which. But the nature lover/tomboy in me came out an I decided to catch him. He's about as big as a half dollar, and we put him in a giant pickle jar, but the poor,little guy didn't like the jar very much, so we let him go. I don't think my roommates would have appreciated a pet toad anyway.
When Ben and I came home with the frog, my parents were home and they acted very surprised to see me. Come to find out, they had actually seen Tegan's parents in the temple, who gave away my secret. What were the chances? But oh well, I'll get them another time.
That night, we all went to the strip to see the Bellagio Fountains. It was interesting to compare the BYU environment I was in Friday morning to the Strip environment I was in Friday night. Totally different feelings. But the fountains were beautiful and fun as always. I'll try and download a movie sometime when I can get it from Ben's camera.
Friday night I got to sleep on the top bunk of our bunkbed and Staurday was a homework day. That night we went to Marie Calendar's for dinner. The Razzleberry pie I had was delicious. Mmm. At church on Sunday, I had quite a few people ask what I was doing home, and I told some that I had quit school, but they didn't believe me. I guess that's a good thing. Monday morning I went for a quick swim with the boys and then drove home (to my Provo home). It feels like the long weekend went by so fast, but I'm glad I got to spend it at home (in my Henderson home).

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