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This past semester has been really busy, which is always good, but it means I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog. So here it goes. After surprising my family, the next big event was a camping trip with my four roommates from last year: Erin, Ali, Tegan, and Kelli. We went to a spot called Silver Lake which is fairly close to the Pleasant Grove area. We took a bea-u-tiful scenic drive up to the trail and then went on a bea-u-tiful hike up to the lake.

Us. :]The Trail
The ValleySilver Lake (and Mountains) The Fire and Our Tent (which all five of us fit in, no problem)
So, there's a funny story about the fire and our tent. As you can see, they are pretty close to each other. We kept the fire going until after dark and just let it go out on its own. Then we all went to bed, with our feet at the door, towards the fire pit. I was almost alseep when it suddenly got light outside. I sat up, along with everyone else, and saw the front of our tent glowing. We realized the fire had started up again and when we opened the flap, we saw that a little wind had helped it grow right along. Luckily, nothing actually caught on fire, but it gave us all a pretty good scare.
The next morning we had to go back to Provo, which was sad at the time, but I'm glad we decided to come back. Those mountains are still bea-u-tiful, but snowy now.
So back in Provo, I stayed busy with school and work and the awesome social life BYU offers. My ward this year is great, and I've had so much fun with the people here. About a month ago, I went with some friends to a tumbling gym. It was the kind of place where you have to sign an I-will-not-sue-you-if-I-get-hurt waiver before they'll let you in. So much fun.
Our ward also has great FHEs (Family Home Evenings). The first one I went to was penguin ultimate frisbee, boys vs. girls. For those who don't know, ultimate frisbee is THE sport at BYU. The penguin part meant being wrapped in plastic wrap from the hips to the knees. Only the boys had this great privilege. Sadly, they still beat us. But watching them trying to run made up for all the losses. Hilarious.
Like I said before, my ward is great and I was really blessed to have super neighbors this year. Ashley is one of those and a few weeks ago, Tegan and I went up to Heber Valley Girls camp to collect leaves and go on a mini-hike with her. She needed them to make bookmarks (that turned out so cute, by the way) and it was the perfect time to go. Not too cold, and the leaves had already changed colors. I love nature.
Tracks! Nice photography Tegan.Teg and Me.Ashley and Me.Mmm. So pretty.
The latest adventure was last weekend when we (the normal five) went up to Island Park, Idaho, to Ali's cabin. We just spent the weekend there and I'd go back in a heart beat. The five of us made a music video, which is only avaiable for private viewings. It's a little too crazy/embarrassing to post, but when you see me next, I'd love to show it to you. My favorite part about the cabin was the lake behind it. We got some sweet jumping pictures and the dock is even featured in our video.
Erin and Kelli

The View from the Cabin (I love these scenery pictures)

What a weekend. Perfect to have right before a week with three tests, stake conference, and a million other things to do. (Don't ask me why I'm blogging. :] ) So, there it is. I'm all caught up and just lovin' life.

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Ali Walker said...

Hmmm... First .. before the fire went off ... I do believe I gave clear warning that something was about to happen, yet ... the four of you felt sleep was more important :). Second like you can delete this if you want, but let it be noted that the video is up for anyone's viewing pleasure at alikw.blogspot.com , (haha)

the end.