First Day of the New Year

A couple days ago, I opened the fridge to get some Sprite (a rare treat in our house) and this is what I found.
My response: "Mom!... Why is the Sprite taped?" Her reply: "I'm saving it for New Years!" I should have known. And so last night, with much thanks to her, we had soda for the New Year. And it was delicious. Then today, Dad surprised us all with a picnik. We went to an area a couple of blocks from our house. It was right by the huge mesa, also by our house. Here is the view from our table.
The weather is lovely, as you can see. And although I'm excited to be back in Provo, nothing compares to being out in the 50 degree, sunny, outdoors with my family.

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Sylvia said...

Aren't moms the best? They know just what will make the best treats!

I'm glad you had a happy break and hope you have a marvelous semester ahead of you!!

Love you!