definition: The quality of being (ities) that make us human. I don't think that's the actual definition, but it is the title and subitle to my new blog. I'm taking a persuasive writing class and my professor requires that we have a blog. Sadly, persuading you that I have a wonderful life does not count, so I can't use this blog. However, persuading you to learn about humanities does count for credit, so click here if you're interested. I'll be updating it every week starting on the 28th. Hope you enjoy.


Little Fish Girl said...

Another day, another blog. Is s/he giving you freedom to do with it what you want, or do you have prompts you have to write on? Because it COULD be cool, depending on how it is done. :) I myself thought about making a science blog back before I had this horrid class on scientific writing.

Katherine Welch said...

I don't have any prompts, thank goodness, so it will mostly be highlights. If you have any ideas about how to incorporate a little humor, feel free to let me know.

Anonymous said...

Katherine my dear ex-next-door-neighbor! I just found this little bloggy blog of yours. I can haz read please? Yay!