Bath Time

I think it's interesting how the name of the shampoo used by each of my roommates kind of reflects their personality. I won't say to whom they belong, but here's the list:

"Tousle Me Softly"


"Hello Hydration"

(By the way, wouldn't it be a great job to think of shampoo names? 
"Tousle Me Softly"-now that's catchy.)


Tegan said...

Wow, you are so right! They do describe us!

Little Fish Girl said...

Hehe I'm guessing which shampoo belongs to which of you now... :)

Jessica Rose said...

Angela, I am too. :)
The name of my shampoo: totally twisted. My styling products (yes I have lost!) are set me up, long term-relationship, body envy, none of your frizzness, AND big, sexy hair.

What does that say about me??? haha.