Lean On Me

I love to sing...as long as it's under certain conditions.  For example, I like to sing with the radio, or at home, or sometimes even in my sleep (says my Mom), but it's not my favorite thing to sing in public.

However, I think singing in public is one of Tegan's most favorite things to do. 

And it's usually at the top of her lungs. :]

I also have a friend named Mark who loves to sing in public.  And when I say public, I don't mean as a performance.  I just mean walking around campus, or wherever they please.

Well today, Mark and Tegan happened to both be walking with me (cue the singing.)  Usually I just laugh while they sing because it's really funny how unabashed they are, but today Mark said, "I need a good song,"  and I belted, "Lean on me!"  and both of them jumped right in.  I let the two of them sing it alone for a while, then we got a rhythm going and what d'ya know, I even started to sing with them.  (Someone had to sing harmony...)  "Lean on me" is such a geat song to sing with two great friends! Plus, I'm sure we made someone smile as they watched three crazy people dancing and singing that great Bill Withers' classic.


Tasha said...

I think I heard them singing! It made my day!

Tegan said...

Hahahaha! So true!!! I'm sure SOMEONE smiled. Glad you could join this times. So refreshing!

Ron Welch said...

There is not a better person to sing harmony. You may have gotten that from Grandpa Huff. He never could sing the whole melody of happy birthday. I wonder if he sang it solo if he would hit the harmony of the last measure. Try it solo some time just to see what it sounds like.