The Chuckler

I'm in the lawbrary.

Also known as the law building's library.

I love this library. There aren't very many people, there are huge windows that let in the natural light, and it's usually very quiet.

Except for now.  

There is a human two tables away from me who is watching something on youtube.  He has headphones in, but every few minutes, he'll chuckle (quite loudly), to himself.   Now, I'm a huge fan of laughing, so I don't want him to stop that, but I'm also a fan of finishing my homework.  "So, kind sir, do you think you could go home or to the loud campus library to watch your video? I don't want you to stop laughing, but you are a big distraction and I need to finish this essay.  So, scamper away...please?"

(Do you think if I stare at the back of his head long enough he'll get the hint?)

1 comment:

Sylvia said...

No, baby. You may have to Do the Dew and put your finger to your lips on your intentional way back from the restroom!

Good luck!!!