This is what we called them when we were younger, and now we just call them nonconformists. 

Do any of you feel like you're a non-conformist?

I certainly do, in my own little world and own little ways. 
And I think there are quite a few people who feel, at least in some way, as if they don't conform.

So the real question is, what type of non-conformist are you?

Bill Vaughn said, "If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity."

After coming across this quote, it brought back quite a few memories of times when I very purposefully did not fit in, not even with the nonconformists.  These times date back to the good, old elementary school days.  I was sometimes given the label 'weirdo', but quickly learned to take it as a compliment.  It came to mean, "Man, you're smart," or "What an imagination you have!" or sometimes, "You're just plain weird." But weird always had a good connotation for me.  I was, after all, choosing to be weird, because in my head I knew what I had to do to be 'normal' and I just didn't want to be that way.  I think it might be human nature to want to be different from everyone else, and I embraced the fact that I was different at a fairly young age.

Junior high and high school were much the same.  But the label changed from 'weirdo' to 'Mormon', which I guess in a non-Mormon culture is the same thing.

But now, at BYU (or as a good friend said, "where everyone is clones"), I don't regularly feel like the great nonconformist that I once was.  It's definitely a different experience for me.  I usually feel...well...pretty normal.  Except for today, when I've had too much time to think about non-school related things and to convince myself that I'm still very much a weirdo.


Ali Walker said...

I love this post. I learned in a talk once that in Exodus it talks about a peculiar people. I have never forgotten that talk because it showed that being in the world, but not being apart of the world makes you a 'wierdo'. But that is who the Lord wants us to be. Isn't that great??? and ironic. Funny how this is about one of a gazillion cases where the world thinks one way is right, but to the Lord the 'wierd' way is what is correct. Thank heavens for knowing the truth. It is ok to be weird. P.S. ... Remind me to show you the associated hand signal with peculiar people. It is funny.


frizzles16 said...

Ah...our world of clones. As much as I don't always enjoy it, there are times when it is kind of nice.

Tegan said...

It's true, you are a weirdo. One of my favorites actually. I love being weird and non-conformist-y. It rocks! Remember that one time when we wore those shirts? Beautiful non-comformity.

Ron Welch said...

Even before elementary school you purposefully chose two socks of different colors to wear. I always thought it was okay because you had the matching pair in your drawer.