Rest Home Funnies

Every other Wednesday I go with some friends to sing at a rest home.  We just sing oldies for an hour, then talk for a bit, and leave feeling great because service is wonderful, and the people are SO funny.

Here are some of my favorites:

The first day we performed, we were late.  Our audience was not happy:
Them: "You're late!"  Us: "Sorry, Oh we're so sorry..."
Them: "I have high blood pressure!" Us: "I'm even more sorry..."
Them: "This had better be good." Us: "Let me just apologize in advance."

The next time we were on time, and much more organized.  They sung along with us and some even danced in their chairs, which was priceless to see.  And the most common saying of the night was,
"Sing louder!"

And once we did sing louder, they told us,
"You know that if you don't strain your voice, you'll sound prettier."

Well, my friend Jake knew the perfect volume to sing, so when he finished a song, one of the ladies said,
"Oooh.  I bet you get the girls, don't ya?" 

The next week Jake and I sang a duet, and one thing I love about older people is that they think they are whispering, when they really are not.  Right in the middle of our song we one of them say,
"Are they married?"

Too funny.  I think I'll keep going back.

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kellikay said...

How fun! I miss going to the rest home every week!