Not so Fancy Pants

(via text while sitting in class)
Me: The snap on my pants just broke. Uh oh.
Madison: Haha, do you want me to bring you a change of pants?
Me: No. I like adventure.  :]  tee hee.

Good news: my pants did not fall off while in class or while walking home.  
Other good news: time to go shopping!

P.S. I know I shouldn't text in class, but if you were in this class you'd understand why it was okay.  Plus, this was just too funny to not tell someone about it.  :]


frizzles16 said...

holl. a.

Tegan said...

You terrible person. I never text in my class. ;)

Jessica Rose said...


That is the best text convo ever!!

Lauren said...

omgsh you= awesome! and yes! you can follow my blog lol!