Reverencing Womanhood

About a month ago, I was praying and pondering on what I should teach for my Relief Society lesson.  I was supposed to teach the first Sunday in February, and I was actually trying to prepare early.  Well, I went to a stake training where they introduced the topic of reverencing womanhood.  The next hour of this training was a discussion on modesty.  It's amazing that even on BYU campus, this area of our lives can be improved.

I knew very early on in this discussion that this topic was the answer to my prayers and pondering.  I needed to teach about modesty.  More importantly, I needed to teach about reverencing womanhood.

This was not an easy lesson for me to prepare because I knew I was going to have to be blunt.  Personally, I love it when people are blunt, because I know they're not being fake, but it's really hard for me to be blunt.  I don't have any problems being sincere, I just want to make sure I don't hurt feelings.

However, I loved preparing this lesson because of what I learned and how I grew.  I took a lot of my thoughts from this fireside talk, which was incredible.  I also paid a visit to the elders' quorum and asked the men there to write down their thoughts on modesty.  Wow.  I was so impressed by what they had to say.  I read probably 5 or 6 papers by men who said they were looking for a modest woman to marry because they want their children raised modestly, especially their daughters.  Quite a few said that modesty is really more attractive.  One paper was particularly impressive.  It said that a "woman who understands her divine nature will avoid dressing in a manner that would compromise her virtue."  That is the eternal perspective.

So, I shared thoughts from the talk, and a lot of the papers from the guys.  I ended by sharing the most important thing I learned: as women come to understand their divine nature, and realize that they truly are daughters of God, they will be more modest because they will know who they are.  Then it will only be natural to take part in the celestial cycle of reverencing womanhood.

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