Love Your Funny Bone

So in choir, this is love week.

On Monday we loved our bodies, by giving each other back rubs before rehearsal.

On Tuesday we loved our favorite things and talked about what we love.

And today, we loved our funny bone.

Sister A. looked for a few volunteers to share, of which there were many, and it was hilarious.

One of the girls told a story about her roommate, who got a phone call from a guy in her ward.  He asked if she'd like to go to lunch with him, and then planned to meet her in the Wilk.  Once they met up, they found a table and he pulled out his sack lunch.  She just watched as he said, "Well, where's your lunch?"  Luckily, she was pretty quick on her feet and said, "Oh, um, I was just going to buy lunch." Poor girl. And guy.

Then another date story.  This girl got a phone call from a friend who asked her out for Friday night, but she said, "I can't.  I'm going to HumorU" (which for those who don't know, is a comedy night at BYU.)  He kind of laughed, then said, "Okay, I'll pick you up at 7:30," to which she said, "I can't.  I'm going to HumorU at 7." Then he said, "Okay, I'll pick you up at 7 then."  Finally she said, "Do you realize that HumorU is a comedy night?"  His response: ".........Oh."  Apparently he thought what she was saying was that she was going to humor him by going out with him.  Well, maybe next time, guy.

The last girl to share also told a story.  This girl said she was driving someplace with her dad when he suddenly screeched to a stop as a rabbit darted in front of their car.  Sadly, he hit it, and was sure it was dead, but he watched as this lady ran up to it, took out a can, and sprayed the rabbit with whatever was in the can.  Both this girl and her dad were really confused, and watched in shock as the rabbit stood up, waved to them, hopped a little bit, then waved again before hopping away.  The dad got out of his car and asked the lady what was in the can.  She said, "Oh this? It just promises to bring your "hare" back to life and give it a permanent wave."  Ahahahaha!  The girl who told this joke told it so fast that we didn't know what hit us until the punch line.  We not only laughed, but applauded.  (P.S. That one was for you, Dad.)

So, in honor of "love week" in Women's Chorus, love your funny bone.

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AE Hinckley's Boy said...

I want to know if the first girl bought a "Poor boy" sandwich.

Thansk for the last joke. Its a favorite. I'm sure uncle vedel would laugh as well