Flying with the Eagles

This weekend Spencer got his eagle!  
And he barely turned 14.  So impressive.  

The weekend overall was great.  It was so good to go home and spend time with my family.  I traveled down with my Grandma, Nana, and Uncle Vedel.  There were probably enough snacks and treats in that mini van to last until the millenium.  Lucky me.  :]

When we made it home, I got to go out with Ben to my alma mater (old high school) and watch Hairspray, which was fabulous.  Plus Ben is so funny and we just laughed at each other and this ridiculous musical the whole night.  

The next morning I played Spencer in a few rousing games of racquetball.  We warmed up for a bit, (meaning Spencer gave me a good work out by making me do everything he's learning in his racquetball lessons), and then we decided to play a game.  He beat me.  Big time.  I only had one point and he had 12. The next game I gave him a good run for his money and we tied.  Then we decided to just leave it at that and went home.

The Eagle Court of Honor did a good job of honoring Spencer, as it should.  And I even got to sit by him through the ceremony.  Lucky me, again.  I'm so proud of him for earning his eagle before he even turned 14, and for just earning it in general! He's such a determined, brilliant, kind, and wonderful boy.  I'm so blessed to be his sister.

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