Dinner Group

I love these people.

For the past semester I've had dinner with them four times every week.  At the beginning of the semester, each of us chose a day, Monday through Thursday, and made dinner for everyone else on the day that we chose.  That meant we only had to cook once every two weeks, and we got to eat a real meal every day.

What a treat. 
And now that the semester is over, I'm going to miss seeing these people every night.  It's been such fun to try Tegan's experimental cooking, and to split up Steve and Jordynne (a.k.a Jordan) when they're fighting every night, and to really chat with Emily, and to hear Mark's singing, and to get to know Brian, and to become even better friends with Madison.  Wow.  What good memories and what wonderful friends!

These are our food babies.  (Who do you think should win?) 

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