New Paint Job

This is what I did tonight:

Here's how:
1. Paint your nails and let them dry.
2. Rip up pieces of newspaper.
3. Put a piece of newspaper on your nail.
4. Dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol.
5. Rub the alcohol onto the newspaper on your nail.
6. Press the newspaper down on the nail and hold for a few seconds.
7. Peel the newspaper off.
8. Once they nails have dried, paint over them with a clear coat of paint.



Little Fish Girl said...

LOVE. Brittainy will definitely want to do this - I'll pass it on to her. :)

AE Hinckley's Boy said...

So on your mission do you use the church news and put your favorite apostles on your nails?the

Katherine said...

Of course! Actually, I'm not even taking nail polish with me. This was a one time deal.