Bugged Again

Last night my family went to Lake Las Vegas to take family pictures, and I kid you not, I was bit by no fewer than three bugs.  

At Lake Las Vegas. Where there aren't any bugs.  Supposedly.


(Someone please find a cure for malaria quickly.)

Also, thank you very little to the DMV who caught me blinking in my driver's license picture and decided to keep it anyway.  Ay yi yi.  

I actually think it's funny.  Very unflattering, but funny nonetheless.

And one more thing.  Four more days!!!!
I'm excited.


frizzles16 said...

I don't understand how the bugs always manage to find you. I think you manage to get more bug bites in one day outside than I get in a year. Muhhahahahahahaha!! (To be laughed like Rico)

Katherine said...

Ah, how I'll miss watching that with you!